Getting started

Paper locator is an easy and universal interface to get immediate access to scientific papers.

Paste a text sample that contains a reference or citation and Paper locator will try to redirect you immediately to the abstract (click journal website) or the document (press enter).

This automates the whole process of extracting journal, issue and page number from a given reference and searching the publisher websites manually.

Try one of the following: (open access)

[1] Peter W. Higgs, Phys. Rev. Lett. 13, 508 (1964).
prl 13 508
lained in Nature Physics 1, 23 by Imm

Install the browser extension for the fastest experience.

Supported references so far: Nature (Physics), Science, PRA-PRX, Phys. Rev. Lett., Rev. Mod. Phys, New Journal of Physics, Journal of Physics, Rep. Prog. Phys., Chemical Reviews, Digital object identifiers (DOI), arXiv


Get the Chrome extension

The extension for Google Chrome is available in the official Chrome Web Store.

A small icon will appear next to your address bar.

Help developing

Paper locator is an open source project. The code is available on GitHub. Please feel free to browse the sources, submit patches or write bug reports. To clone the git repository, call:

git clone

Send feedback

If you have suggestions, comments or if you find problems with certain references, please send a short message.