My name is David and I am a physicist living in Stuttgart, Germany. I am passionate about science, math, programming, technology, cycling, progressive rock music and board games. You can find information about some of my projects on this site.

Contact me via email. Work-related information is located on my institute website. Some of my open source projects are published on Also, go and spy on my taste of music at



Yinsh board game This project is an online version of an abstract board game called Yinsh. It is written in Haskell and compiled to JavaScript by the Haste compiler. The rules of the game can be found on wikipedia. My implementation has a built-in artificial intelligence based on a simple heuristic and a minmax-like algorithm.

Paper locator

Paper locator is an easy and universal interface to get immediate access to scientific papers. Tired of manually extracting journal, volume and page from a reference and searching the publisher websites manually? Paper locator automates this process. Just copy a text sample containing the reference and select if you want to see the abstract or the document directly.


Ein praktischer Manager um Packlisten extrem schnell zusammenzustellen. Es gibt vorgefertigte Tags wie “Sommer”, “Ferienwohnung” oder “Sport”, sowie komplette Listen für einen Wanderurlaub, eine Geocaching-Tour oder eine Konferenz.


Erwartungswert Formel Das Würfelspiel Zehntausend lässt sich mathematisch exakt lösen indem man die optimale Strategie rekursiv definiert. Die detaillierte Rechnung findet sich im angegebenen Dokument. Ein Haskell Programm, das die optimale Strategie implementiert und zur Lösung benötigt wurde, befindet sich auf github.


This is a Mathematica package that defines bindings for GnuPlot. It can be used to create high-quality plots from within Mathematica. The package easily integrates into your automated workflow by exporting to different output formats. It provides two functions gnuPlot and gnuListPlot which work (to some extend) analogous to Mathematicas own Plot and ListPlot functions.


Board game collection

I enjoy abstract, social and strategic board games as well as card games. My collection of games can be found here.


A few “hand-selected” singletrails close to Stuttgart Vaihingen and a twelve minute movie of our 456km mountain bike tour from Füssen, Germany to Riva del Garda, Italy in 2014.